IPPVA 2022 Videography Awards Heat 2

IPPVA 2022 Videography Awards Heat 2




Full Rules and Regulations

Duration of video entries

While entrants are encouraged to enter short/highlight videos rather than full-length features, videos may be of any duration. However, judges will only be required to watch the first 60 seconds of the video.

Judges may, at their discretion, watch beyond this point, but each judge will guarantee to watch the first 60 seconds of videos they are judging.

It is expected that a video that is deemed to be worthy of an award will be watched further, and in particular judges will need to satisfy themselves as they see fit of the consistency and quality of the full video for awarding silver and gold awards. This may mean they watch the full video, that they scrub through it, or that they watch sections of it. Judges are human, and have limited attention spans, so entering shorter more impactful and creative videos is likely to be a more successful strategy for entrants.

Commissioned work only for wedding and commercial categories

Videos entered to wedding and commercial categories must be client-commissioned videos. In the case of the wedding category, the video must be from a real wedding. Personal projects, styled shoots etc may be entered in the Open Creative category.

No names/logos/identifiers

Videos are entered and judged anonymously. Videos with any branding/identifiers will be disqualified and not judged.

Use of sound/music

Videos must use legally licensed music/sound. Videos which breach this will be disqualified. The judges may seek proof of usage rights where a doubt exists.

Use of stock footage

Use of third party stock footage is not permitted. All footage must be original footage. The entrant may re-use their own footage shot for other videos.

Use of still images

Videos which are primarily or significantly slideshows of still images will be disqualified.  Still images should be entered into the photography awards.  Occasional use of a still image as part of a video is permitted as long as it's not the dominant material in the video.

Use of editors/assistants

Entrants must undertake that the work being entered by a videographer/studio is the product of that videographer/studio using the typical process that the videographer/studio employs for client work. The workflow and personnel used by the videographer/studio should be consistent with the typical workflow and personnel used day to day.


About the Competition


Three categories per heat:


Three entries permitted per entrant per heat. These can be spread across one or more of the categories.  Entries are open to IPPVA members only.  All full members of the association are eligible to enter the photography and videography awards.

The first entry in each heat is FREE.

Subsequent entries are €25 per video.

Maximum cost of entering a heat: €50.

Videos may be any duration.  

Please read the rules in full