IPPVA 2019 Awards Heat 1

2019 IPPVA Awards - Heat 1




Full Rules and Regulations

  • Images must have been taken within last 2 years of entering and not part of any other winning IPPVA competition.
  • The images must be anonymous and in the case of images pertinent to advertising campaigns, they must not contain any text or graphic elements, which were not part of the original exposure. Images containing text will be immediately disqualified.
  • Commissioned Works: All images in the Commercial categories (Commercial, Architectural and Press) must be on a commissioned basis.
  • In the case of Weddings, the images must have been taken a real wedding at which the photographer was the principal photographer.
  • Images taken at seminars and workshops are not allowed.
  • By entering the IPPVA Photographer of the Year competition you confirm that you:
  1. Hold the copyright for the image(s) that you submit
  2. Have permission from the client/subject in question to enter the image
  • All images submitted must be at the correct size and resolution (see Technical specification below)
  • No adjustments can or will be made by the IPPVA or its Judges to images that are not correctly sized
  • You agree to accept that the judges’ decision is final.
  • Composite images: In any image, where multiple images are composited, either in part or whole, all elements must have been photographed by the entrant. The individual entering acknowledges that all parts making up the image are solely shot by him/her, however insignificant that or those parts may be in the final image.
  • It is a condition of entry that the IPPVA may use your images to promote the association and standards in professional photography through all media channels. Your statutory rights are not affected in any way by this condition but if you so wish you may write to us to withhold your work from any and all promotions.
  • There is a maximum of 5 entries per category, per heat. With a total entry per heat not exceeding 15.

Technical Specification


  • Each submitted image must be 4000 pixels on the longest side (i.e. 4000 pixels wide or tall). Files must be JPEG with the best quality compression provided that they are under 8MB in size.
  • Submitted images must be standard sRGB, saved in JPG. They MUST NOT BE AdobeRGB or ProPhotoRGB etc. Only sRGB. IF YOU DO NOT USE sRGB then THEY WILL NOT LOOK CORRECT to the judges.
  • File renaming: There is no requirement to rename images prior to uploading. All filenames are hidden from the judges and administrators through random generated codes.


About the Competition

2019 IPPVA Awards - Heat 1

Please pay close attention to the new categories and rules. 

Gareth Lima-Conlon